Because God's Word brings growth in grace and holiness, we want to saturate our minds and hearts with its message. And because 2 Peter is a book focusing on how we as Christians can move ahead in faith, we need to give
careful attention and hear its message with great focus.

As we read the Gospel accounts, we see Peter talking when he should have been listening (Matthew 16:21, 22), sleeping when he should have been praying (Mark 14:37), stepping out when he should have held back (John 18:10),
and holding back when he should have stepped out (John 13:8).
That’s why Peter is such a relevant book for us to study — for we can see his characteristics and tendencies in our own walk and past mistakes! And here’s the great news, the amazing truth, the glorious fact: Even with all of his failures and denials, and even with all of his setbacks and stumbles, Simon Peter made it through to the finish line! And so, can we.

Join us Sundays at 6:00 PM as we journey through this wonderful book of the Bible called 2 Peter and learn
how to live  lives for Jesus Christ that Grow in Grace!